deep cleaning in Bangkok

Deep cleaning in Bangkok

Deep cleaning Bangkok style is necessary from time to time. There are many times a person might need their home deep cleaned. Perhaps you require deep cleaning for your big annual spring clean. Perhaps you need our cleaning service to prepare your home for an event or party. Perhaps you need to get rid of toxins and other allergens that could be causing discomfort from allergies or illnesses. Perhaps your moving house and you need to prepare it for the final sale or you are moving into your new home and want a totally fresh start. Or perhaps you just need to reorganise your life and want a perfectly clean home. It really does not matter what your reason is, the Millennium Maid Service in Bangkok is here to help you with the best deep cleaning in Bangkok.

When you choose our Bangkok Maid Service to service and clean your home, we always recommend you opt for a deep clean first. This will ensure everything is cleaned thoroughly to our high expectations. Our Bangkok deep cleaning service ensures that all those areas that are often neglected or are prone to a high concentration of germs are tackled. A deep clean of your home will make life much easier for you. It means that you will just need to continue with our regular cleaning service afterwards to ensure your home is well maintained, tidy and germ free.

When you choose the Millennium Maid Service in Bangkok to give your home a quality deep clean, you are guaranteed a spic and span home that will be the envy of all your friends and family.

Deep cleaning service in Bangkok

Your Bangkok deep cleaning service will include:

A deep cleaning service is ALWAYS recommended on our first visit. Millennium Maid Service will show up with 2 Bangkok maids to ensure we really get a quality deep clean that makes your home or office shine again.


Deep cleaning of bathroom

* Deep clean of your shower door to rid it from mold, bacteria, germs and any smudges.

* Thorough floor cleaning to remove stubborn stains, marks and dust and dirt trapped in corners.

* Grouting scrub to ensure your tiles look like new.

* Wash down of doors and frames to remove any spots and fingerprints.

* Ornament and knick-knack clean to remove dust and water residue.

* Wipe down of bathroom cabinets – inside and out, including baseboards.

* Window sill and ledge cleaning to get rid of mould and dust.


Deep cleaning of kitchen and eating areas

* Scrub and wipe down of sinks with disinfectant to kill germs and get them looking shiny and clean.

* Thorough intense cleaning of the inside range hood to get rid of the stubborn build up of grease.

* Wash down of doors and frames to remove any spots and fingerprints.

* Rubbish emptied and bin cleaned to remove remnants of rubbish and odour.

* Inner and outer wipe down of cabinets, including baseboards, to remove crumbs, hair, germs and dust.

* Wipe down of kitchen furniture to bring it back to its near original state by removing marks and fingerprints.

* A thorough floor clean of sweeping, mopping and vacuuming.

* Exterior clean of large kitchen appliances such as the fridge and freezer to remove smudges, marks and fingerprints.

NB: Please note that if you require the interior of these large kitchen appliances, it is possible at an extra cost.


Deep cleaning of living and sleeping areas

* Wash down of doors and frames to remove any spots and fingerprints.

* Wipe down and dust of ceiling fan.

* Wipe down and clean of all widow ledges and sills to get rid of trapped dust and germs.

* Sweep, wash and wipe down of balconies to rid the areas of dirt and dust.

* Dust and clean of individual ornaments, knick-knacks and photo frames.

* Vacuuming of all upholstery, including furniture to remove pet hair, dust and dirt.

* Deep vacuum of the carpet, including the carpet edges.

* Dusting of air vent/s and air-conditioner.

* Dust and wipe down of all free-standing lamps and lampshades.

* Dust and wipe down of stairwells, hallways and banisters.

* Airing and fluffing of pillows and decorative cushions.

* Dust, wipe down and clean of coffee table and other free-standing furniture such as bookshelves and TV cabinet.